Friday, August 16

Two weeks ago today,

Our 10+ year relationship turned into a marriage. We had the ceremony in our favorite town in north western Massachusetts, just the two of us.

Afterward we took a drive up to the neighboring mountain for a picnic lunch and scenic photo ops. 

On the drive home we may or may not have... but definitely did, stop at the driving range to hit a few balls :)

I couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect day! 


Erika said...

Congrats, Amy!

Earmark Social said...

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I just bought a Groupon for Mini Golf, I'm going tomorrow! I LOVE mini-golf. Always have, always will!!! :)

Hoolia said...

Congratulations! I can't believe you're like, "Hm, what have I been doing lately? Oh, yeah. I got married." You looked gorgeous, and I love the dress. I'm really thrilled for you two.