Wednesday, July 24

Xu Bing: Phoenix

While at Solid Sound last month we finally had the opportunity to see the Phoenix at Mass MoCa.

They're utterly breathtaking. The only wish that we had seen them lit up at night! I did my best to capture their sheer mass and stature but you truly need to visit them in person to understand their intensity and charisma! 





"the internally illuminated 12-ton birds are suspended mid-air inside the museum’s football field-sized Building 5; dwarfing visitors, the male Phoenix Feng measures 90 feet long, while the female Huang reaches 100 feet in length, beak to (steel) tail feathers"

The exhibit goes through October 27 of this year. If you're in the area or plan on passing through, don't miss it!

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Jennifer Cowgill said...

Wow, that is amazing. So did she salvage all those materials and they are now rising from the dump in this new artwork a la the phoenix from the ashes?

It must have taken an immense amount of time and planning for those pieces. Completely awesome!