Wednesday, July 10

Hand Hollow

 We've been slowly making our way through each of Columbia Land Conservancy's 5,750 acres of public land that are open to the public for hiking and outdoor enjoyment.

 Hand Hallow was our final and farthest destination to explore.  
 Each of the conservation areas has a sign that boasts the land's most commonly seen or notable animal. As we pulled up, we saw the sign.. with an otter on it. 
 Not 10 minutes into our hike, there he was. Lazily cutting through the thickly lush pond, on his way to somewhere. 
 My jaw nearly buried itself below the pine tree I hid behind, as I was lulled into a severe hush.
 So in awe was I, that I wasn't even able to take the time to snap a picture!
 My eyes wanted him all to myself :) He slowly drifted away and we carried on through the 6 mile, round trip wetland area. 
 The perfect day!

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