Monday, January 31

My little person shopping problem..

Lately, all I want to do is shower my nieces with presents. Etsy does nothing to help curb this obsession :)







I'll force myself to eye shop for now. But how CUTE!!


Friday, January 28

My Everyday Handmades

I definitely have my moments of frivolous shopping :) But I really find myself smiling at times with how much I use these little handmade objects I've collected around me.

After water spotting a few too many areas of my desk, I thought it time to find a little tray to keep my strainer tidy. Enter MarciG:

My wee little fox coasters were showing some fraying around the edges so I went to the lovely Rose of Waterrose and asked her if she might be able to fashion me something in her style. She GRACIOUSLY gifted me her very first pair of these!

I've resolved to make more lists this year. I'm not sure if it's the pages she uses or the fact that it feels like an old book when I open it up but I'm having NO trouble sticking to my plan using my journal from TheFancyLamb :)

And finally, as a constant reminder of time and how quickly it can go by, my wee little westclox from AMRadio guides my days:

Hmmm... I may have to do a clothing/accessories version of this :) What are YOUR everyday Handmades??


Wednesday, January 26

10 degrees and counting...

It's been downright frigid here lately! It's definitely these deep days of winter that have me daydreaming of my future garden :)

We had a garden on our rooftop a few years back. I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans, okra (just for looks, I think they're absolutely crazy looking!) and various yummy herbs. We've since had to close up shop which has left me to yearn for my own little backyard plot. I would probably still have a few container planters here and there though.. just as a reminder of my roots!

Pun intended :)


Monday, January 24

A thirst for Knowledge!

Did you see?? Etsy has announced its first ever Symposium Workshop!

It boasts 8 speakers, breakfast, lunch and surprise guests to boot. From Social Networking to a Singing CPA and everything in between, it seems! Find out more here in the Storque article. Or you can purchase tickets strait from the Etsy Labs shop!

See you there??


Friday, January 21

As the sun comes up...

Here in New York, it's been a wonderfully snowy winter so far. I couldn't resist snapping some shots early this morning as the sun came up over my snow filled street.

There's nothing more wonderful than to sit back and enjoy the flakes afloat with a steamy cup of breakfast tea! This mug and hand crocheted cozy was actually gifted to me by the amazingly thoughtful Nicole of Lillyella. So, not only am I warmed by the aroma but by friendship too!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Wednesday, January 19

Savor the Flavor

Soy cupcake votive by Mireio

One of my very favorite things is early morning tweet stalking. When the sun's still asleep, I tap my little iphone and see what the other half of the world is up to :)

This morning I caught sight of the sweetest (literally) little candles (above) and that got me to thinking about seasons and habits. Things like making the switch from iced tea to hot tea. We burn candles all winter long! But I know there will be that inevitable gap of candleless nights come spring and summer.

For now, I'll savor the flavor, if you will, and know there will be something coming for the next season that I haven't been doing for months!

Do you have any unique Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall rituals??

And WHERE do you get your candles?? I have to admit to getting mine from IKEA.. I know. Hardly crafty but they smell VERY good and are awfully affordable :)


Monday, January 17

Start the Week off right!


Happy Week Everyone!

During my extended blogging leave, I had the honor of guest posting my Peach Picks (say that 3x fast!) on the wonderfully beautiful LillyElla blog.

I thought it about time I bring the feature home :) Here are just a few of my favorite things I've come across this past weekend.


RiverFarmRI ......................... LoveForEarth ...................... EmmaLamb



MadeYouLookCosmetics ......... LoveAtFirstBlush ................... SayItSoSweetly

Did you find anything this weekend you couldn't live without??


Friday, January 14

What's for Breakfast?


Every now and then my boyfriend gets on a Peanut Butter and Jelly kick. We'll have them for dessert every night for a week and then not again for months. Always open faced, mine with raspberry, his with grape.

This morning, he made us a couple for breakfast. And boy was it delicious :)

That got me to thinking that we must not be the only ones with weird food habits..

I'd love to hear yours!


Wednesday, January 12

From your childhood.

I don't know about you but I spent most of my childhood upside down. I was most happy on a jungle gym, swinging from the monkey bars.

Clockwise from top Left
naughtyknott, TinselandTrinkets, CandyBandits,
ArtMind, CyberMoon, hellcatvintage

The other day I was sitting here, daydreaming through the window, and it suddenly occurred to me that it's been AGES since I've seen the world from that angle! It's so funny the things that we give up. Though I think I may hurt myself terribly if I tried, I'd love to frolic in an empty playground and reminisce :)

What was YOUR favorite childhood whimsy??

Monday, January 10



For over a month now we've been having electrical issues in the apartment.. to say the least. The short of it: lights surge when the fridge kicks on, microwave has been rendered nearly useless (blessing in disguise?), no blow drying or any other energy hogging appliances and the TV picture goes out when I use my tea kettle. Yeah.

Needless to say, I've been a bit obsessed with lighting searches :)

1. lightexture 2. C3L35T3 3. aaronbranddesign
4. phdconceptions 5. jerseymaids 6. Kathan55

May all of your days be bright :)

Friday, January 7

Time for Play

Had to share a trio of shots from playtime earlier this week :)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 5

3 Things I Love Most

SophieBlackall, tuckooandmoocow, LennyMud, theenchantedcupboard

For those of you who know me well, know me even a little, or catch my ramblings on twitter for that matter.. should have an idea of what these 3 things may be :)

1. Tea
2. Books
3. Friendship

I had been wanting one of these fancy pants customized mugs from Brookish for ages but I couldn't think of what I would want it to say. That's a lot of pressure! The perfect saying.. the perfect thought.. the perfect emotion.. Something I would want to see everyday while relaxing or recharging with a cup of tea.

I settled on a quote from one of my favorite authors (Ernest Hemingway): There is no friend as loyal as a book.

Now, the pressure is on you! What would yours say??


**Side note: This is a sister post to my Peach Picks on the fantastic LillyElla Blog coming out soon!

Monday, January 3

Resolutions vs. Goals

Happy Fresh Start!


For those of you who cringe at the word resolution, I'd like to introduce (or reacquaint) you with the loving concept of goals. Goals seem so much more friendly than the stern fingered resolution. Goals can be strived for. Goals can be reworked and implemented daily, weekly, monthly, yearly for betterment. The biggest key, they're usually much more attainable than a resolution :)

My bestie over at GetReadySetGO did a fantastic post the other day on what she'd like to accomplish and make priority for this year. She came up with 11 (for 2011), at least half of which I'd like to add to my list!

What do you have laid out for 2011??