Wednesday, July 27

Potted Plants

Look what I ran into on the sidewalk yesterday! I was so tempted to pluck a couple of these funky monkey fiddleheads but they were too cute as a little family :) And that would technically be stealing... though I have no idea if they were planted on purpose :)


lillyella said...

ah! I ate those once. I was at this crazy work get away brainstorming retreat type thing at this crazy ass place in NY, the 'safest' thing I could find on the lunch menu was Fiddle Head Fern pasta! Creeped me out a little, kinda felt like eating curled up snails. Tasted… eh, ok. Almost like green beans, but not quite. I laugh every time I see them, or anything with the same shape.

ThePeachTree said...

Yes! The fuzz on them has me thinking it would feel like eating caterpillars. But I'll try them one of these days just to know for sure :)