Friday, June 10

What I've seen..

This week I decided to go au naturale (sans hipstamatic) with my discoveries.
Here's what I ran into:

My seasonal obsession in the shape of a bug,

The most delicious Crostini you could ever imagine tasting. I would have NEVER thought to pair gorgonzola, strawberries and Rhubarb jam. While looking for their site to link you, I've come to realize that they change their menu everyday. This means I may never have this tasty bite again!.. but I'll have the memories :)

The ghost of Marilyn lives on,

and the most enchanting place to be in Brooklyn on a warm summer everning is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden at night. Sipping thyme infused gin cocktails to boot!

Hope you had a wonderful week!


Faith said...

How fun! (Especially the bits about the food.) I enjoy these little sneak peeks into your life :)

Magillie said...

Great pics!! I am going to have to try a thyme infused gin drink-- that seems to scream summer. Wonderful. :)

abby | ybba said...

lovely lovely photos!
the food looks delicious. and marilyn monroe... i don't think her popularity will ever die down.

have a great weekend!


Stacey said...

the botanical garden at night looks magical

ThePeachTree said...

Thanks ladies!

I think a round of thyme infused cocktails would do us all some good :)