Friday, June 3

What I've seen..

I've had quite the eventful week:

Including Lower East Side hipsters (industrious ones at that!),

mini city dwellers donning rain gear,

a late night show
(See that tiny round bit of the drummer in headphones? That's my boyfriend :)

and the largest indoor Flea Market I've ever stepped foot in!

What have you been up to?


abby | ybba said...

Oh my my!! I wish I was you at that moment! I like pets with rain gears are so adorablely amusing! I mean, I don't really understand what they're for, but I guess some people prefer them that way.

And an indoor flea market sounds fantastic! I wish to go to one of those someday. I'm not sure if Las Vegas has something of the like. Besides swap meets that is. Wait... Is there a difference?


ThePeachTree said...

They were adorable either way you look at it :) I believe they were waiting for a dog walker to pick up a third for their rain walking party!

It was 2 floors in a parking garage that spanned a full block front to back. Very surreal! And I'm not sure the technical difference between a flea market and a swap meet.. hmmm...