Monday, June 13

Live like a Queen.. Just for today.

Queen of My Heart Pink Crown from twinssoon

Though it's celebrated at different times during the year depending on what country you reside, I thought we should all take today to celebrate the Queen's birthday with the rest of Australia :)

Stacking Ring from allminedesign

Ostrich Queen from poordogfarm

1980's Royal Blue Dress from stickylipgloss

royal blood. from handmadebybluebird

Edible GOLD Crowns from sweetdejavu

Let us eat cake, wear fancy dress and sip champagne till the day is done!


Danielle said...

sweet finds, i love that ring...

ODD imagination said...

Lovely, lovely treasures you have found here!

ThePeachTree said...

Thanks ladies! *clinks glass*

Metalicious said...

Lovely picks!! Fit for a queen!