Wednesday, May 11

Up on the Roof

Vine - Handmade Miniature Portrait from smallworldgallery

It's these streaks of cool breezes and warm sunshine that have me longing for my rooftop garden. I would sit up there for hours, hands in soil, containers upon containers of wee seedlings ready to become full grown herbs and vegetables.

Since my once bountiful setup is no longer an option, I've opted for catching the growth magic in other parts of the city. A couple of trips to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden especially have really done the trick :)

Anything special you're doing to get into the spring spirit?


ana carina said...

oohh wow!! Amazing photos.. I love Spring.
I'm happy, that's what I do in Spring: be happier :)

ThePeachTree said...

What a wonderful thing to do :) I think I'll do just that today.