Monday, May 2

Speak Easy

Antique Early 1900s Knitted Dress from VeraVague

While everyone may be getting tired of the Mustache and Fox, I love getting the monthly Merch Trends from Etsy. Sure, I could do without the butcher but when you put it in context to include the baker and the candlestick maker, you see the story behind the allure.

Included this month: Glam Weddings, Open air fetes, Vintage Carnivals and (my personal favorite) a throw back to the Speakeasy.

Art Deco Fireplace/Mantel from FableBoutique

Prohibition has always been of high interest to me. It sparked so many events and ways of life ie Gangsters, Bootleggers. There's a music club in North Caroline called the Blind Tiger that I only just realized was a nod to prohibition. Blind Tiger or Blind Pig was an establishment that illegally sold alcohol. I've also been dying to go to the 21 Club since I moved to NYC without even realizing it was a speakeasy in its hay day. Without even meaning to, I've jumped from wiki to wiki learning more and more about the era and what it all meant. How's that for fashion forward :)

hollow book flask safe from pommesfrites

So, the next time you raise a glass, picture yourself in a dimly lit room with a low hum of voices around you and speak easy, my friend.


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