Monday, April 18

Have you Heartsied?

Hi guys!
I'm back from an amazing week of rest and relaxation and am already getting down to some serious business!

Have you heard of Heartsy? It's the new (to me at least) wave in online, handmade savings. It's basically a curated discount website featuring awesome shops offering a limited amount of deals starting at AT LEAST 50% off.

Now comes my plea: Vote for my deal! 60 Heartsy members (you can sign in straight through facebook) need to say that they'd positively love my deal before I can be considered for a selected spot. May I trouble you for a 'like'? I promise ice cream cones to everyone who takes a sec to drop by :)

Big hugs to you all and hope you had/have a wonderful week!

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

How cool that you're trying to do this! I bought my first one a few weeks ago. I'd totally buy your Heartsy :)