Wednesday, March 9

What's your Summer Flavor?

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One of my most vivid childhood memories is weekends on my dads farm. It wasn't a working farm but they (he and 2 other bachelors) had an elderly dog, piles of hay, a basketball hoop in one of the barn lofts and a giant woodpile inside a long thin wood-planked building. I would climb to the very top of the pile and sit and marvel at the height at which I was over the world while peering through the slats of the aged walls.

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My very favorite thing was the giant raspberry bushes. I would risk life and limb, pushing through the thorny overgrowth to get to the biggest, juiciest berries of the bunch hidden deep in the middle.

To this day, the taste and smell of raspberries takes me right back.



First Christian Church said...

Mmmmm raspberries! Great blog post and thank you for using my flower to help illustrate. :)
blessing, ZudaGay

Marsinah {mar-see-na} said...

That jar of preserves looks delish! Thanks for including my stationery :)

Metalicious said...

Is fried dough a flavor? If so, that's mine. Because of all the street fairs during the summer. And I love fried dough.