Friday, March 18

Stationary Exercise

from babylonscissors

We have a "bathing suit" vacation coming up in a month... I need to get serious about ridding my belly of it's winter cushion (darn those girl scout cookies that are set to arrive soon!).

from alexandraferguson

I'm not big on running. I call it the water slide theory, I feel like everyone is watching me! I had a gym membership awhile back but am ashamed to admit how often I would actually go (or NOT go). And frankly, there's only so many times I can do the same workout video. What do they say about variety and spiciness?

from DJandPvintage

SO, long story not short, I called upon my neighbor to borrow time at her home to use her stationary bike :) Yay!

Do you have any secrets to a good workout??


Deepa said...

I need that gym cushion! I find exercise quite boring but having music REALLY helps.

Maybe a swimsuit vacation might help me out too. normally we book foodie holidays where we just eat for a week!

Anonymous said...

Yeah and joining and going to classes really helps. I live in england and joined my local gym and also found some special offers on Personal Training hertfordshire
. After a few sessions with a personal trainer I was really dedicated and determined to get fit. Being able to go to classes at the gym helped too.
But I still want that cushion its gorgeous!

ThePeachTree said...

Deepa.. or maybe we need to go on foodie holidays together :)

Yeah, I'm just not a workout together kind of person. Again with the, I feel like everyone is watching me sort of thing.

I'm insane with multitasking though. I'm riding the stationary, watching tv, tweeting and emailing.. What's wrong with me?!

My Hideaway said...

I'm not a gym kind of person. I try to mix up boring things like running with "fun" things like dance or swimming. Is there a Y or maybe a Jewish community center with a pool near you? They tend to be cheaper and less gym-like. Also, a lot of them offer classes like yoga or aerobics. I have to mix it up or I won't stick with it. Also having a friend join a program or class with you helps. And music of course!

ThePeachTree said...

Great suggestions, Ms. Hideaway! I'm definitely a fish out of water and would love to find a place to go swimming on a regular basis. Maybe in that 'someday when we leave the city' time :)