Wednesday, March 2

The Pumpkins of March

Happy March everyone!

Do you remember a bit ago I took you on a Walk through Brooklyn? At least my version of Brooklyn :) Well, I left out a section of our walk that I thought deserved a post all to itself.

Picture a little side street with a little church and a little aged iron fence. Nearing the end of this fence, in front of a set of beautiful brick row houses, we found these pumpkins.

There were about 20 total, I'd say. All had different facial expressions and all were long past their prime. It was like stepping into something of Tim Burton's and I loved every moment stolen with them :)

I know this is hardly a spring post but let's let these little guys usher in the brighter sun and growing breeze!



saltcityspice said...

Somewhere, underneath all the snow we still have here in upstate NY, there's a long lost pumpkin - oooops. Great photos - thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

hello to the march pumpkins, what funny faces

JarosDesigns said...

Gorgeous photos! Must have been very surreal.