Friday, March 4

Friday Night Food

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I'm so happy now that I had forgotten to blog this morning as we just had the most amazing dinner!

It was another recipe from Everyday Food (which I will say once again: SUBSCRIBE!). We've been wanting to get into different grains (cutting out pastas, potatoes and white rice for most of the week) so I pulled out this Tilapia & Quinoa w/Feta & Cucumber recipe.

The whole meal only takes about 30-40min for preparation & cook time. Highly recommend!

Have a great weekend!


Rachel Lucie Johns said...

yum! looks simple to do. I need to get off those normal starchy staples myself... says she that's just polished off the Friday night pizza...
thanks for reminding me to be a bit more diverse, I need to dive in and try these other grains that I'm not that experienced with :)

JarosDesigns said...

Wow this looks good!

ThePeachTree said...

I keep all the little torn out Everyday Food pages in a stack and pick out a couple each week :) Just to keep this spicy.. pun intended.