Monday, March 21

Empowering Words from MerriWeatherCouncil

My buddy Danielle of Merriweathercouncil has an incredible blog. She's mastered the art of pairing guidance with creative expression while keeping things real and simple. She recently did a recap of her most empowering posts that I think you all should take a gander at!

A few of my favorite Excerpts::

"As much as I like to browse through craft books and magazines, it always nauseates me to see a pristine studio space or craft room. I understand that obviously some cleaning took place before the photoshoot, and the overarching culture of magazines is to have things look nice... but... really? Not a single scrap of thread or paper to be seen? Not a single misplaced thing? And everything is perfectly color coded? Ughhhh. It's not inspiring to me to see a perfectly organized crafting space. That's not real."

"Working through big projects will empower you. You will learn to improvise in ways you hadn’t before. You will learn to let your imagination go crazy. You will feel restored confidence in your creative ability. You will figure out what is reliable and what isn't. You will feel like you can do anything."

"Through the mess and madness of mistake making, something cool will happen, and the ideas that mistakes generate are worth the infrequent loss of material. And ideas are like pennies in the piggy bank, money for a rainy day, so don't worry about messing up, just worry about finding time and getting started. And having a sharp pair of scissors."

"It’s the little things that go into big projects that lead to our next endeavor. Creativity isn’t just “I did this one thing and now I’m done.” It’s “I did this one thing, and I figured out how to do this other thing and I got these other ideas while doing it so now I’m going to make something else.” And it goes on and on like that."

Is there anything you're feeling lost in the dark about lately? Anything you need a kick in the pants to get moving on?


Danielle said...

amy you are too good! thanks for supporting my empowerment posts!!

dona said...

I feel better about my messy jewelry studio already! I need a lot of inspirational clutter to gather from when I am feeling creative (anyone who has seen my space knows why I named my shop randomorder)! Thanks, donaoven

Jaclyn said...

That is so good to hear about the craft spaces. I'm in a one-bedroom apartment ... my jewelry takes up pretty much whatever space it wants. I can't just close the door on it, either. So those pristine ones generally just make me feel bad about myself.

f2images said...

Haha....I agree about the pristine studio spaces...but maybe that's because mine has never been, and never will be? ;) Good pearls of wisdom to share though! And I agree...some of my favorite creative moments have been mistakes made on a path to somewhere else!

I definitely need to kick myself in the pants to shoot more. Just have let myself become busy with other things.

e :)

ThePeachTree said...

e, you better get that camera out on the open road!

Jaclyn, that's too funny that you say that about living in a 1-bedroom apt. It's because of that that I feel like I HAVE to pick up after myself everyday.

I would love to have my own workspace someday though :) And I would certainly keep it as 'creative' looking as possible!

Stacey said...

very empowering indeed, I don't know when I don't have some sort of mess from creating