Wednesday, February 16

To Dress?

Men aside (though I'd love to know your man opinions if you're out there ;), where do you ladies stand on dresses for spring/summer?

Clockwise from top left: KittenPawsVintage, NickeyVintage, MQuin, lizarietz

I have a not-so-secret love affair with them. My only problem is that I usually end up picking ones that are JUST too dressy for the everyday and they end up sitting in my closet. Looking lovely of course :) but sadly since they rarely see the light of day!

I need your help with that! I really want to get back into wearing them regularly this year.

Clockwise from top left: MyLolaFashion, cocoricooo, Thrush, huntandgathervintage

One of my absolute favorite handmade dress makers is Betterthanjam. I stalk her every year at the Brooklyn Renegade Fair... Another I just discovered is a UK designer, jenniferlillydesigns. I couldn't resist her lacy accents :)

Where do you dress shop (online, instore)??



Janelle Haskin said...

Oh!! I can't wait to wear dresses without tights again!! I wear them all year round, most of the time and I love them! That cute yellow and grey floral dress is great in the first picture cluster.

I used to shop in stores a lot... H&M usually has cute summer dresses or Urban but lately I've been finding some great vintage finds on Etsy.

Happy twirling!! ;)


Deepa said...

Am very guilty of buying pretty dresses that are too dressy too. I have some lovely ones that I never wear.
I need to go to more parties ;)

Gap have some lovely dresses that can be dressed up or down, I love their styling.

ThePeachTree said...

Hmm.. I all but gave up on H&M a few years back but maybe I'll revisit them again soon. I'm terrible with stores that blast me away with grating music..

I feel like such an old lady saying that :)

Nickey said...

Yay, thanks for featuring me!

I do most of my dress shopping in thrift stores or on Etsy (vintage). I love wearing casual vintage dresses because you can really rock them with anything, a pair of broken in Converse even. And in my opinion, if you find one that fits right, a dress can be far more comfortable than jeans!

ThePeachTree said...

I miss the real vintage shops that seem to be so few and far between in the city!

.. and I don't know anything about these broken in converse sneakers ;)

balanced. said...

These are some sweet finds!

I'm a fan of
She's not updated in a while, but she makes lovely things!

glazedOver Pottery said...

I totally ignore protocol and wear my dressy dresses wherever I please. In the summer, I often wear them with flip flops, and that helps to dress them down a bit, but I actually thrive on the wow-she's-such-a-weirdo kind of attention that they get me.

So I say, go for it. Enjoy your dresses. Be brave. And make sure you go for bike rides in them too.

ThePeachTree said...

Oh my gosh, glazed, don't get me started on how envious I am of the cute gals in their dresses and vintage bikes with flower baskets up front ;)

And you're right.. I need to channel my teenage, pink haired self and just go for it!

The Kitten Paws Blog said...


Thank you so much for the kittenpaws dress love! I have so many dresses in my personal closet that I never seem to find an occasion to wear them for hah. I think this is the problem of every lady... :)