Friday, February 11

A little bit of Electricity goes a long way.

They've been upgrading our 100+ year old electrical wiring so we've spent most of our days without technological juice this week. I couldn't resist searching etsy this evening (lights burning brightly) for a few things to spark up your weekend :)






May all of your weekends be bright :)



Rachel Lucie Johns said...

electrifying! glad you're back on the technology again :)

GlitzGlitter said...

Oh, Amy, how do you find such cool things?! Thank you! Hope your electricity is back on track and that you have a warm weekend :D

blueorder said...

oh i love it! thank you so much amy!!!

ThePeachTree said...

Oh yes! Thankfully the work didn't affect the heat :)

abby | ybba said...

you live in a place where he wiring was over 100 years old!? wait... is that supposed to be dangerous?

ThePeachTree said...

Yes and ... yeah probably! That's historic Brooklyn for you I guess.

Polkadotmagpie said...

Great items found, Amy.
I couldn't make my jewelry without it!

Metalicious said...

Cool stuff! Found some new faves here.