Tuesday, February 22

Talk baby to me!

Organic T-shirt from WrenWillow

I simply can't help myself!

It's my youngest niece's birthday on Thursday :) I got her the T-shirt above in Blue and Black. Her parents sent me a video of her (2 years old) opening it (SO cute) followed by a picture of her wearing it with a giant cheesecake grin on her face.

They're coming in August and we're SUPER excited about it!


ana carina said...

Ohhh My niece and sister live just next to me, so I can't imagine being away from my niece...
I used to babysit, change diapers, pick her up from school, getting her dressed..
Now she's almost eleven, I'm tutoring her (Math mostly).


ThePeachTree said...

I just teared up a little bit :) I wish they lived closer too. But I'll settle for a yearly NYC romping for now!