Wednesday, January 19

Savor the Flavor

Soy cupcake votive by Mireio

One of my very favorite things is early morning tweet stalking. When the sun's still asleep, I tap my little iphone and see what the other half of the world is up to :)

This morning I caught sight of the sweetest (literally) little candles (above) and that got me to thinking about seasons and habits. Things like making the switch from iced tea to hot tea. We burn candles all winter long! But I know there will be that inevitable gap of candleless nights come spring and summer.

For now, I'll savor the flavor, if you will, and know there will be something coming for the next season that I haven't been doing for months!

Do you have any unique Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall rituals??

And WHERE do you get your candles?? I have to admit to getting mine from IKEA.. I know. Hardly crafty but they smell VERY good and are awfully affordable :)



balanced. said...

those look good enough to eat!

I actually use candles all year long, it never gets very warm here in Ireland. And I much prefer them to incense or air fresheners.

I mostly use Yankee candles, but I do try to buy handmade if the shipping isn't too high.

ThePeachTree said...

Ahhh, I love that. Growing up in WI, it was definitely a much shorter time that the candles weren't burning :)

Maryann said...

Those candles are soo pretty!
I too actually use candles in different rooms and at any time of year.
Love my candles! They have so many wonderful qualities, especially creating ambience and filling the home with gorgeous aromas. I try and use Yankee candles but candles bought from Dusk here in Australia are just wonderful.

Michelle Brunner said...

This candle is adorable and looks so tasty! I also use candles all year long even in the summer! I just love how candles make a room smell! I will have to check out Ikea for candles..I never thought of buying any from there before! I love to buy Votivo candles...they smell amazing!