Monday, January 3

Resolutions vs. Goals

Happy Fresh Start!


For those of you who cringe at the word resolution, I'd like to introduce (or reacquaint) you with the loving concept of goals. Goals seem so much more friendly than the stern fingered resolution. Goals can be strived for. Goals can be reworked and implemented daily, weekly, monthly, yearly for betterment. The biggest key, they're usually much more attainable than a resolution :)

My bestie over at GetReadySetGO did a fantastic post the other day on what she'd like to accomplish and make priority for this year. She came up with 11 (for 2011), at least half of which I'd like to add to my list!

What do you have laid out for 2011??



eeeks! from one bestie to another i must tell you, i am elated to see this & filled with excitement! you are SOOOO right about goals being better than resolutions- i never thought of it the way that you put it, but that is, of course, just 1 of MANY reasons why i ADORE you! always giving me new perspectives:) thanks for supporting me in all that i do. you inspire me to make goal lists such as these. YAY FOR 2011 and AMAZING friendships. xox

wende said...

Yes! Goals!

How I got around resolutions is by choosing a theme for each year. Because resolutions get me nowhere! Instead, I pick a general theme to guide what I want to accomplish in the year. MUCH less stressful and it works. :D

ThePeachTree said...

Hmmm.. a theme you say?!

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

yes, goals, I like it much better. I must say I read lovely Rachel's blog the other day but couldn't comment (was on my phone) and meant to get back to it and...suffice to say, it was very inspirational, and yes I want to steal at least half of them!

Anyway, you gave me the gentle butt-boot I needed, I RESOLVE to work out my 2011 GOALS... watch this space!