Friday, January 28

My Everyday Handmades

I definitely have my moments of frivolous shopping :) But I really find myself smiling at times with how much I use these little handmade objects I've collected around me.

After water spotting a few too many areas of my desk, I thought it time to find a little tray to keep my strainer tidy. Enter MarciG:

My wee little fox coasters were showing some fraying around the edges so I went to the lovely Rose of Waterrose and asked her if she might be able to fashion me something in her style. She GRACIOUSLY gifted me her very first pair of these!

I've resolved to make more lists this year. I'm not sure if it's the pages she uses or the fact that it feels like an old book when I open it up but I'm having NO trouble sticking to my plan using my journal from TheFancyLamb :)

And finally, as a constant reminder of time and how quickly it can go by, my wee little westclox from AMRadio guides my days:

Hmmm... I may have to do a clothing/accessories version of this :) What are YOUR everyday Handmades??



TheFancyLamb said...

I can just imagine you sitting in your office with all your little treasures placed ever-so-carefully around you. Makes me smile!!

Waterrose said...

I love this post and agree that it is so nice to have lovely little things around to make it even more homey. Glad you are enjoying the coasters...hugs and thanks!

Circle of Tea Admin 1 said...

I love my handmade finds as well - waring your earrings as I type this - they remind me of the support and love I get from y'all on etsy!

Stacey said...

lovely dainty items, that coaster is especially sweet :)

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

beautiful - love the coasters, particularly :)

ThePeachTree said...

I swear I'm not as prim and precise as I come off ;)

Thanks ladies!

WolfeWoman said...

I don't picture you as prim! Thanks for featuring MarciG's pottery. She wears your earrings constantly.The pink ones are the current rave fav.

Lee/ OneClaybead

Lana said...

You have great taste Amy! Love your choices. :)

Lana (aka SimpleJoysPaperie)

AMradio said...

love to see all your collectibles! i would have such a hard time choosing which ones to photo for a post...there are too many!