Wednesday, January 5

3 Things I Love Most

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For those of you who know me well, know me even a little, or catch my ramblings on twitter for that matter.. should have an idea of what these 3 things may be :)

1. Tea
2. Books
3. Friendship

I had been wanting one of these fancy pants customized mugs from Brookish for ages but I couldn't think of what I would want it to say. That's a lot of pressure! The perfect saying.. the perfect thought.. the perfect emotion.. Something I would want to see everyday while relaxing or recharging with a cup of tea.

I settled on a quote from one of my favorite authors (Ernest Hemingway): There is no friend as loyal as a book.

Now, the pressure is on you! What would yours say??


**Side note: This is a sister post to my Peach Picks on the fantastic LillyElla Blog coming out soon!


vintage eye said...

Now, why is it that the only thing that comes to mind is Stop, Drop & Roll? ;)


that quote, oh that quote..... it's just perfect for you:) i have been thinking of a quote for my mug ever since i saw yours- for reals! i am also a member of the tea-team as of 2011. i'm ALL about it. decaf of course:) this comment may be bordering on too long. so here i stop! xox

ThePeachTree said...

Stop drop and roll sounds like perfection on a cup!

All aboard the tea train!

mrsbeccijo said...

Note from Future Self - "Today is going to be a great day, go live it!"

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

you're quote is perfect!

my fav quote: 'you can't polish a turd' for I am a rather rude and silly girl. Please delete if too rude or silly for your blog :)

on a much more grown up note, my other quote would be 'be the change you want to see'. phew!

ThePeachTree said...

Haha! While I like that turd thought.. maybe not something you'd want to see while sipping on a hot beverage ;)

ana carina said...

Mine would say "Keep up the good work".

Waterrose said...

Thanks for posting this....I just ordered one for my sweetie with a special saying...

Happy New Year!

Lennymud said...

Mine would say

Tea For Me
Not Tea For You

Thanks so much for featuring my Mr. Tea mug on your awesome blog!!!

ThePeachTree said...

Rose, that's so exciting!

And Ms. Mud, love your saying :)

f2images said...

I love the Hemingway quote mug!!! That would be so perfect for my best friend!!

Emi :)

Allisa Jacobs said...

I've been wanting one of those mugs for ages too! I love your picks...I'm a bookworm myself ;)

I often remind myself that, "sometimes you gotta make your own sunshine."


ThePeachTree said...

Emi, gift gift gift!

Allisa, I love that. 'Make your own sunshine' would be a wonderful thing to see while sipping in the morning :)

woolies said...

OK, so now I'm driving myself crazy trying to decide on the perfect phrase for my hubby....oh no....
and the enchanted cupboard is one of my very personal favs....Great Picks!!