Wednesday, January 26

10 degrees and counting...

It's been downright frigid here lately! It's definitely these deep days of winter that have me daydreaming of my future garden :)

We had a garden on our rooftop a few years back. I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans, okra (just for looks, I think they're absolutely crazy looking!) and various yummy herbs. We've since had to close up shop which has left me to yearn for my own little backyard plot. I would probably still have a few container planters here and there though.. just as a reminder of my roots!

Pun intended :)



Mo Pie, Please said...

Freshness - life - green - oh I miss you! It's sooo cold/gray/snowy here.

ThePeachTree said...

As much as I've been embracing all of this snow we've been having this winter, I'm definitely with you on that sentiment :)

Stacey said...

In Southern CA we are having sunny days and I truly miss the burst of cold days we had, hoping for more before spring!