Wednesday, July 1

Rock Band


One of the biggest new happenings here in Brooklyn is that my boyfriend is back out playing again! His on again off again band for the last 9 years, Keygrip, is ON again in a BIG way. Their CD release is at the end of this month and a tour looms?


It's incredibly exciting and I just love seeing him passionate about his music again. It definitely makes you look at yourself a little deeper though! Thinking of the 9 years ago me that would be out all night at the club, no earplugs, up till 5am, balls to the wall if you will.


Now.... I'm more of the stay home with a good book kind of gal! Ha! I think I aged about 30 years in that much smaller timeframe :)

But, regardless, I'm so pumped for this new page in our lives!




goldschool said...

Yay! Can't wait to see a Keygrip show soon :D

Stacey said...

Very exciting for the both of you... great items to go with the good news.

Monica said...

So exciting! Love all the photos!

Xenotees said...

Oh, that's awesome! I miss my guy playing music!
hehe, "balls to the wall" !

So happy to hear the news Peach!

Elizabeth said...

So exciting! Where does he play? I like to check out a new band now and then...

ThePeachTree said...

There CD release is actually on July 30th at Don Hills if you're so inclined to join me :)