Tuesday, June 30

A Good Nights Sleep


Some nights I truly feel like we live in a construction site. Like our bed sits in the center of a war zone. I awake to the sensation that the hydraulic screeching Garbage Trucks are literally IN our apartment.

My point? I could really use a good nights sleep :)

...Or some really good Breakfast Tea!





Have a restful day :)


fleurfatale said...

oooh, great finds!!!!

slinkymalinkicat said...

I cannot begin to imagine ....!! I am already getting jittery at the thought of a Corncrake (an elusive bird!) which starts up in July and doesn't stop all summer ....!!!! I only hear birdsong, wow .... I am so very lucky!

PS. Maybe you should come and visit me for a good nights rest .... but be sure to bring all the above 'treats' with you!!

Julia said...

Oh dear, that doesn't sound very soothing, those stupid garbage trucks! I hope you're able to get some sleep tonight. By the way, did you ever get an eye mask for yourself?

ThePeachTree said...

Ms. Slink, I just way have to take you up on that!

Julia, You know, I never did! I had a custom order worked out with this woman and she never came through. I'll have to get back on that :)

JooJoo said...

Oh, I know what you mean; I can even hear the noise from the pipes, whenever a neighbor uses the washroom! :))

I love your picks, my favorite in the lavender lotion, I adore lavender...

Sigmosaics said...

what a lovely post! awesome picks .. LOVE the eye mask.

ah, well .. we kind of live in the middle of no where and don't really get disturbed .. after 7 years here I no longer hear the neighbourhood roosters a cock-o-doodle-doodliling at 5am in the summer :)

ear plugs maybe?