Friday, June 12

GetReadySetGO!'s 1 Year ETSY-Versary SALE and Giveaway!!

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen Alike!!
Last Day for the Sale, BABY!!!

It's GetReadySetGo's 1 year Etsy-Versary and she's having a Helluva Hoopla over at her ETSY shop! For 5 days only, she's combining her luggage AND her Clutch shop into one MASTERPIECE of an EPICENTER!!

MONDAY through FRIDAY (6/8 - 6/12) take $5 OFF EVERYTHING in the Shop. We're talking the most incredible UP-CYCLED Train CASES, luggage, CLUTCHES, Messenger BAGS each with it's own personal character, charm, and hand drawn art to boot!! .... need I say more??

OH but I WILL!!

Not only will you receive $5 OFF every item but you will ALSO get a stunningly JUICY pair of PEARL earrings, with EACH purchase, from ThePeachTree including a 10% OFF coupon for her shop!

Still not enough?? If THIS doesn't show you how much the Etsy community loves Ms. SetGo, I don't know what will!! So you're getting the $5 OFF and ThePeachTree PEARL earrings, and you will ALSO receive a SURPRISE gift from one of the 8 amazingly GRACIOUS and TALENTED artisans below!!

A SNEAK peak of what you could WIN!

10 pairs each of the Bobby Pin Sets above

1 in your size Collective Names of Animals - Mens Grass Green
1 in your size Collective Names of Animals - Mens Asphalt
1 in your size Organic French Pet Lobster Shirt - Dijon
1 in your size Japanese Star Moss

8 Handcrafted Wearables by Fray

1 pair of Victorian Charm - Silver
1 pair of Victorian Charm - Bronze

1 Vintage Scarf

1 Little gnome home
Three Sets of 4 Beep Boop Oop - Robot Greeting Cards

1 pair of Greenwitch Earrings
1 pair of Dervish Earrings
1 pair of Goddess Earrings
1 popstar bracelet

1 of each plushie seen above

1 Brass lotus hoop necklace and earring set
1 Silver lotus hoop necklace and earring set
1 Springtime Sparrow Necklace silver
1 Flutter Necklace
1 Brass Bow Tie Necklace
1 Reversible Locket Necklace

To Recap:

1. $5 OFF ALL GetReadySetGo's sweet sweet bags
2. Pearl earrings from ThePeachTree
3. A 2nd SURPRISE gift!!

Now RUN, don't walk over to GetReadySetGo!! And remember, have fun people!!

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Valerie said...

That's a heck of a deal! Hope the birthday celebrations were swell. (and hope you're not out of earrings!)