Tuesday, June 2

A day in the Park

We spend Sunday in Prospect Park this weekend! A much needed, super relaxing afternoon in the shade of a beautiful tree :) You take trees for granted you know!

We packed a lunch. Nothing special: Smoked Turkey w/Lettuce and Mustard, carrots, plums and some iced tea.

We had the perfect spot with plenty of space to get crazy with the mini football, acting like a couple of kids racing around and making catches! Of course, I for one am paying for it now with sore muscles I didn't even know I had!!

It was also the maiden voyage of my lovely Tortilla Girl bag! And she definitely made France proud with her sweet lacy goodness and pockets a plenty!!

We happened to lay our sheet down in a sweet little clover patch and Blogmaster2000 found not 1 but 2 four leaf clovers!

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend and here's to the week ahead!


Marbella Designs said...

we've had some cold damp weather. we live on a hill close to the ocean so we've had the fog rolling in for the past few days. can't wait for the sunshine to come back and have a nice little picnic. sounds like a great day.

Stacey said...

Your day in the park sounds lovely.

I love your new bag, too, might just have to put something from her shop on my birthday list!!

ThePeachTree said...


You will be SO very happy if you get a piece from her! I've been dying for one of her dresses :)

f2images said...

That sounds like such a perfect afternoon! I really love the lace Tortilla Girl bag!!!

Emi :)

Chris said...

That's so cool! I love your bag—and a four leaf clover?? I'm still looking for one :)

Julia said...

TWO four leaf clovers :) So, so lucky! I love the bag from Tortilla! It's divine!

The Lil Bee said...

What a fun day! I love spending the day in the park. We went last year for the Cherry Blossom Festival. So pretty:)

Becky said...

Oh la laaaaaaa! You've made my day - no wait - my month with this post! Thank you, friend, for sharing your lovely day and for including a shot of your bag. She looks so happy in her fancy new city, and that makes me happy too. I hope to return to New York for a visit soon, I really love that city. xo!

fleurfatale said...

looks indeed like a fun day, and what a gorgeous bag!!!!!!!