Wednesday, June 3

Addicted to Etsy #2

from GongyAndSquish

Your weekly "You know you're addicted to etsy when...." :)

From Winklepots:

"You know you're addicted to Etsy when you are willing to stalk both of the treasuries until 2 am so that you can use the two poster sketches waiting on your computer, but only so that you can create two more sketches and you figure out when you can snag another couple of treasuries. Vicious cycle of crafty crack."

From Alona of Rafya:

"you know your addicted to etsy when... In the middle of reading book to my child I am saying "mommy must catch treasury, please wait"

From slinkymalinkicat

"You know you are addicted to Etsy when ..... as your husband leaves for work in the morning he turns to you and says "I dare you to look at another site today" ...... and then ...... you pick your five year old up from kindergarten and the first thing she says to you is "were you on the front page today?"

And from Getreadysetgo

"you are about to go on a date with your AWESOME husband but just before you leave you realize you are going to miss the treasury opening. you then think of ways to delay your date, realize you can't, almost start crying and then text your fellow etsy addict and ask her to snag one for you while you're gone.
you then proceed to dinner and the topic of discussion over your meal is "names for your treasury" because you still have 30 minutes 'til it opens and your friend is at home with her phone nearby just waiting for you to text her the title. long story? oh but it's true and NOT a random occurrence."

Can't imagine who that fellow Etsy addict could be......

Post your " You know you're addicted to etsy when...." below!!


Monica said...

Love, love, love these!! I've found myself in all of these situations before :)

thelittlereddoor said...

you know you're addicted to etsy when you wake up in the middle of the night to use the washroom and you just *have* to check your etsy first!

Kreativlink said...

Teheee... that gave me a good laugh, thanks! :) said...

Hello, my name is Robin and I'm an "ETSY" addict!
CreationsAnew Photography & Photo Art

rachellucie said...

"My name is Rachel, and I am an Etsy Addict"

thanks for getting this addiction out in the open for us all, it's only when you admit you have a problem that you can deal with it ;)

Drea said...

You know youre addicted to Etsy when, after a long day of "Etsying" you fall asleep, only to dream that you found the MOST AWESOME THING and that you bought it.

...And the dream was so convincing that the first thing you do when you wake up is check your Etsy purchases to see if you actually did buy something in the middle of the night.

One time, I actually did! LOL

persuede said...

You know you're addicted to Etsy when you watch the clock on your computer tick past the time you should leave to be at your day job on time (you know, the one that really pays the bills) as you wait to snag a Treasury. Worst part? The list of excuses for being late I keep in my blackberry so I don't use the same one twice in a row! True Story.


missknits said...

omgosh these are hilarious and sadly all true! lol

You know you are addicted to etsy when you turn up the volume on your computer really loud anytime you step away - even to go to the bathroom - so you can hear the chime when you get a new email - so you can hear it in case you get 2 in a row- signaling a sale (one from etsy one from paypal)

Heather Berry said...

Too funny!
You know you are an Etsy addict when It is a beautiful sunny day and you are inside reading up on how to know if you are indeed an Etsy addict.

ShySiren said...

Missknits, LOL! TOTALLY agree... I LOVE the anticipation of seeing "2 new emails"... oh please, oh please... PUH-LEEZE be a new order!! :)

dori said...

I can TOTALLY relate to the "2 -e-mails-in-a-row syndrome!!!!!

Sigh. . .

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Soooo cute and true! You know you're addicted to Etsy when you haul the laptop to the school bus stop and snag a treasury using one of the neighbor's unprotected signals.

You know your whole family is addicted when your kids run to the sound of e-mail coming in, and tell you within seconds if it's a 'good' e-mail or not.

Flowerleaf said...

Wow, you guys have it bad! ;-)

You know you are addicted to Etsy when you are sitting at your computer thinking "I really should get up off this chair and get to bed," but you keep on looking at things on Etsy and convince yourself that there's something you just HAVE to check that very moment like you just have to Pounce or you have to look at all the lovely items in the current FP.


You happen upon the treasury opening and it's opening in seconds and you just have to get one in because you happened upon the treasury opening so you say to your sister "Gimmie a treasury theme!" So you go with her idea of "Munch, munch" and then it takes you forever to find items that will work. (that just happened to me last night, by the way.)

Oh, and ...hey! I am following your blog now! ;-)