Thursday, May 7

Peach Picks: Prom Night

from rococovintage

What did you think of your prom??

Okay, so I went to Prom my Freshman year of High school as well as my Junior. Didn't think much of either but I was never the glitz and glamour nor the big group type. But I do secretly long to go to one of those 80's prom parties they do in the village :) Just for like 30 minutes or so!

Please enjoy these picks for that special "best years of your life" night!

from WashedUpMermaid

from AbracadabraVintage

from fussjewelry

from corrieberrypie

from envejewelry

from GetReadySetClutch

from byCJ

from CLAmour

Go on now, dance the night away :)


Stacey said...

I didn't go to my prom, if I had I would've wanted to have a fresh, unique style much like the picks you featured, lovely.

Leila Marvel said...

I went to prom with my husband back in senior year. It was nice, very formal at this country club. My dress was really vintage looking, in black satin, but I wore my hair to perfect, if I could go back I wish I did my hair more free flowing. But over I still have the picture in a frame next to my homecoming photo where I was wearing a peach colored dress. lol

Frenchell said...

Those pictures are so stinkin cute! makes me want to go to prom again and where all that cute glam with it!!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I can tell you that going to the prom in the 80's wasn't all it was cracked up to be!! The girls are fashionistas now...back then...whoa!!

Corrie(berry Pie) said...

these are all such lovely picks! thanks for featuring my flower wrap...i'm loving rachel's sweet red clutch too!
happy prom to all!

Julia said...

These are great! I'm totally digging the bright red dress--to die for!

eNVe said...

awesome prom finds, amy!! man, that was eons ago for me! and what a lovely surprise to see my earrings among your selections! thanks for the feature! :)

Jessica Marie said...

i love love LOVE washedupmermaid's shop.

fabulous post!