Thursday, May 28

Peach Picks: Earring Lovers Paradise

from decoratethediva

Okay, I make jewelry yes? It's safe to say that I have a jewelry fetish, yes? Okay, you caught me! I could never lie to you :)

So why not dedicate a whole peach picks to Lobe Gems. Ear Jewels. Glorious Earrings abound!

from AmberSky

from lillyella

from PoleStar

from LuzDesigns

from JessicaC

from alibli

from noblegnome

from noemiah

Ahhhhhh :)


Decorate the Diva said...

Wow!!! Thank you Amy for the great feature!!! That is my youngest daughter in the picture. I just posted that picture for an example of the size for the tagua nuts and was hesitant about using her for the public to see. She looks so beautiful here... I'm happy I did! My baby is growing up I can hardly accept it. Thank you Amy! ~Renee

Decorate the Diva said...

I love all the earring features here too... Hello to my friends and I'll have to check out the new shops too!

frozenartist said...

Wow, lovely picks Amy, and thank you for featuring me!


Julia said...

Whoohoo! What a great display of talent! Of course we have to include yours in here if we're declaring favorites. I'm wearing Peach Tree earrings right now :)

Chris said...

Ooh, these are all so lovely! I love the red ones in the second image in the post.

noblegnome said...

Holy cow what an amazing collection of sinfully gorgeous gems! Thanx a million for including my earrings Amy. I am humbled and honored! I am so tempted to get myself a pair of Alibli's pretties. Stunning.

f2images said...

Gorgeous picks for any occasion! I especially love the Luz Designs and Alibli earrings!!

Dr No said...

Beautiful earrings, especially on last pic :)