Saturday, May 2

*FEATURED ARTIST of the week* ~~ileaiye~~


1. What is your craft?

Well specifically, my craft is hand knitting, but then I’m currently studying leather accessories at The London College of fashion, so I’m now learning to produce leather handbags,purses and belts. So some days my craft might be creating a new bag, other days I might have yarns on every pair of needles that I own, and be creating gloves on one, a jacket on the other, and a poncho on the other. A bit like today, as well as beading up jewellery, which currently I have a bag of beads spread out all over my floor.

2. What led you to take it up?

Well I first began knitting when I was carrying my Son, who is now 18. I knitted him a little yellow and white jumper and yellow pants to match. I didn’t touch my needles again for a further 12 years. My boyfriend was producing music at home, and some of the recording sessions, meant I had to sit quietly. After a few weeks of this I thought I’d best find something to occupy myself, Off I went to the yarn shop, bought a lovely grey mohair, and a red cashmere yarn, and knitted my first poncho. I still have it in my cupboard.

3. Which part of your work do you most enjoy?

I love finding a new yarn, and thinking wow, that’s stunning, I’ll often start knitting with it, in the early hours of the morning, (it’s very peaceful and I can really tune into my unconscious mind at 4am in the morning) the yarn just kind of speaks to me, I see how it’s knitting up, and then envisage a garment. When it works this is the most exciting feeling, I often don’t stop till it’s complete.

4. Which part do you find hardest?

I find stitching the garment together the hardest, it’s really quite time consuming.
Also waiting for a new yarn to arrive in the post, I purchase the majority of my yarns from the Internet, so it’s always a surprise to see a new yarn in real life.

5. Where do you get your inspiration?

Mainly from the yarn, how it knits, on different sized needles, and quite often from my customers who see something I didn’t in a yarn, and request a custom order. I love custom orders, they challenge me, and often bring about a new design.

6. Do you participate in any etsy groups, and if so, which ones?

I’m a member of the ‘Full time etsy crafters’
But I’m really bad at joining in their chats etc. but then the time difference is not helping me with that.

7. What's one material your shop can't live without?

YARN, specifically at the moment, it’s the yarn used in my kimono shrugs and cardigans, This yarn is discontinued, so I bought a huge stack of it, but sadly my stock is now really low.

8. What is your favourite item that you have repurchased off of Etsy?

I bought this for my mum, but also have it as my desktop image on my laptop.

I love it when my computer boots up, and see this first thing in the morning, it reminds me of my mum, as well as, it being a beautiful image.

9. If I could sell one item from my shop today, it would be...

The colour of these yarns are right up my street, and I just know whom-ever bought it would be truly satisfied, and would looking really pretty wearing it.

10. If I had enough money to pick one item on my wish list from any shop on etsy to buy, it would be...

Another imagine studios print,
But as I don’t have much wall space at home, and as I live in a really small London flat, I’d need a larger home, with a room, that had a massive empty high ceiling wall. I’d ask Lyse of imagine studios to enlarge this to say 6ft for me, and I’d place it right in the middle of that huge wall.

11. What are the top three favorite items currently listed in your store?

Olive Green and Ochre Shawl

Charcoal and Slate luxury shawl

Blue cash-merino romantic gloves

12. What undiscovered artisans would you recommend the world to know?

Well firstly that would be my Boyfriend, he’s a truly great artist, from fine art, to music compositions, to sculpture. But he refuses to sell himself. So he’ll remain undiscovered.
Other than that, I’d want the world to discover Imagine Studios,

I love her work, it touches me, and draws me in,

13. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Well it’s not specifically work related, but

‘Do unto others, as you would have done unto you’


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Sweet interview! I love the softness of her pieces...I want to curl up in them!

GetReadySetGO said...

not only is this a fantastic interview but her work is STUNNING & the photographs are EXQUISITE! loved the answer to the first question- being a knitter myself i can soooo relate to having projects on every pair of needles you own! and i like how one day it's one craft and the next it's another. there are so many avenues to travel when you're an artist- it's fun to mix it up.
thanks for introducing us to this fantastic new shop peach:)

rachellucie said...

great interview, it's great to find out more about what makes an artist tick. And I love her work, it's exquisite.

mchen said...

Wonderful feature! What breathtaking and delicate masterpieces here. Wow! Thanks so much for introducing me to ileaiye's work... now if I could just learn how to pronounce her name :)

South Paw Studios said...

awesome artist! love the freeness of her work, it is not a tight weave pattern. love it!

Rachel said...

Beautiful hand knits!

Julia said...

Oh man, her style of knitting is so, so cool! I love the color and the textures she weaves!

M.M.E. said...

I wish I could knit like that!! And I absolutely love Imagine Studios. Thanks for the great interview. You've taught me how to ask better questions for my own Etsy artist interviews.

hoganfe said...

Amy one of the best interviews I have seen on the blogs! Well done!

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