Tuesday, April 14

The Photos

I don't know how I've been MIA for 3 days! I think when my laziness kicks in, it really holds on tight :)

I was up to my usual Etsy browsing this weekend and was, and forever am, just blown away by the photography. It always amazes me when I would not only buy someone's piece but the PHOTOS of their items as well. Getreadysetgo (see her feature here), to name one, always has be checking in multiple times per week to see what kind of shots she's found, artistry she's brought and lasting impressions I can take away. YOWZA!

I hope you're having a great week!

And thank you to EVERYONE who left comments on my last post!! My cup runneth over!!


Julia said...

I think blogger breaks are incredibly helpful things :) I love all the suitcases, love!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

I love the top photo especially. She's really nailed her photography, and her style is very distinct...clean, bright, fun and young.

GetReadySetGO said...

you make me blush- hardcore red cheeks- all of you:) thanks amy for highlighting me here and for ALWAYS making me feel better with your kindness. it overwhelms me so!