Monday, April 27

The Boat Ride


Howdy there!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) With the way our schedules work, Monday's usually signify the start of ours. A light spring breeze is lofting through my open window and I'm ready to get out and enjoy the day!

I'm thinking a picnic and a boat ride in Central Park should do the trick :)

Anyone do anything exciting this weekend??

Oh! And if you didn't get the chance already, check out
's Featured Artist interview. It's incredible!



Julia said...

Awww, wouldn't that be fun? Enjoy the weekend, hun!

f2images said...

I ran between the raindrops while antique-ing with my hubby. It was fun! Also, took some new food image shots for my upcoming Chocolate Festival art fair. Now, I'm left with a lot of sweet treats....oh where are my sweatpants?!!

Emi ;)

hoganfe said...

We had a terrific weekend! A picnic sounds like fun!

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carole said...

Hi Amy:
You have a delightful upbeat air. It must have something to do with living by the water and being so creative!!!
Believe it or not you left a comment on my blog about a year ago and I am finally trying to play catch up : )
Please when you have time come and say hi as I am having a Give Away.

missknits said...

a boat ride would be such fun! we had great weather here too! but back to rain and cold again today!