Wednesday, March 25

Via Twitter

I caught this great Vintage shop on Twitter today and couldn't resist sharing! Junkculture has a perfectly kitschy, straightforward Shop announcement. Part being:

A catalog of yuppie paraphernalia
Sugary crafty fun
Appropriate for children(neither emotionally nor chronologically)"

I love a shop that knows just what it is.... or isn't!

It's way too easy to miss great Vintage finds and collections on Etsy! Just be sure to switch the search bar to "All Items" and BAM!, a whole lovely mix of handmade and blasts from the past flood into view :)

Happy Wednesday!


Art Kitten said...

some of my favorite purchases off Etsy are vintage items and you have some great pics here! I love the coffee thermos, my dad carried that same style for decades when he was an ironworker

Julia said...

You've always had an eye for the vintage finds, my dear :)

boylerpf said...

Love vintage and what a great shop announcement! TO the point for sure ;D

Melissa said...

Nice Finds :)

Katie said...

I love that shop! There are so many amazing vintage shops on Etsy.

uncorked said...

love all of Etsy's great vintage shops- this one is amazing!