Monday, March 9

Another Gloomy Monday

by vol25

The forecast shows rain for the text three days. Something about it feels different though. More like the start of the ever cleansing spring showers that roll through the country each year. Watching the giant puddles collect across the street, atop a tar roof of one of those mini Brooklyn brownstones, has a soothing effect like nothing else I know :) The droplets performing a sort of elegant serenade.

So here's to finding that spark in the mist. That silver lining, if you will :)


Have a wonderful start to your week!


Katie said...

Spring is springing here and I love every minute of it. We've got rain in our forecast for later this week, but right now it's sunny and in the 70's! :)

boylerpf said...

Unfortunately, our forecast is SNOW! Those buttons would definitely brighten any day...cute!

f2images said...

You are definitely a "glass is half full" kinda girl?!! That is a very positive perspective on the rain. I'm ready for the spring showers/may flowers!!

e ;)

ThePeachTree said...

Glass is Half Full? Most definitely :)

But... maybe we should talk again on day 3 of these rain bands!

Angela said...

adorable finds!

It is sunny and warm here!

Cheryl said...

very nice post! I have to say we have beautiful weather down here in FL.

Julia said...

This post made me quite happy, thank you very,very much!


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Lovely post, but of course as a gardener I see rain (excepting torrential) as a good thing! :^)

I do understand though as the gray makes feel a little gloomy as well.

Amy said...

Feeling the gloom here too. The sun's actually out here today, but it is accompanied by plenty of wind and chilly temps. At least no rain at the moment though!
To spring!