Monday, February 16

Weekly Pounce

Bird I from MarcoSuarez

After sharing my profoundly life affirming love for Etsy's Pounce, I thought it would make for a nice weekly installment. Keeps us all up-to-date on the new comers of crafting and design that can so easily get buried beneath the plethora of talent :) Yes?

Without further ado, this weeks shops just waiting for their first sale!

Simply sweet from PoshSoapCo

Succulents within Glass Bottle from birdsandbranches

Feel Seating System Classic from AnimiCausa

Arzberg Round Flower Vase from coucoumadame

Marie Scarf from CraftFlare

micro-micro garden from newbotany

pomegranate tealight from dufaguga

If Everything Could Ever Feel This Real Forever from cesarandbernice


missknits said...

wow! you really found some amazing shops!!! i think i love them all!

nanouke said...

Amazing discoveries!!!

Leanne said...

WOW! That plush-red-ball-sofa-thingy is sweet! Hmmm, and also a little odd. I was trying to imagine it in my apartment. :)

Ha! That micro-garden is really original. The eye dropper is great.

The sweet birdie is really making me crave SPRING! ugh. We're supposed to get snow and/or rain in Chicago this week. boo! I'm DONE with you winter...

Cheryl said...

all great... thanks!

Cary Walker said...

these are all such great finds!!

Hello Lindello said...

I love the terrarium sketch! I just bought some like these off etsy by bestiaryink.

Fact and Fancy said...

ohhhh nice finds!!