Monday, February 23

Via Pounce.

Don't You Know It Ametrine Earrings ... from bridgetbakermojo

So it's official! From this day hence, Mondays will be dedicated to Fresh finds. To brand new shops awaiting their first sale!

Hope that's okay with everyone :) There's nothing like spreading talent and craft, ay??

Lavender Dream from inzgarden

Laptop Sleeve from heartliss

margot from bluecocoon

mittens 3 from firesidemittens12

SUPER SEVEN STONE from AestheticsUnlimited2

Ana from ElkaAmorim

Lucky Rock Terrarium from Greenbriar


KittsKrafts said...

That is a great idea you have. Thanks for posting.

Melissa said...

Amazing Picks! I am for sure stopping in to check out the soap. :)

Katie said...

The talent that we have on Etsy never ceases to amaze me. What great finds!

ThePeachTree said...

Thanks guys!

And Mys, somehow I KNEW you'd get sucked into that soap shop :)

f2images said...

What a fun idea! Love the Ametrine earrings!

missknits said...

wow awesome finds! love that laptop sleeve! i so need to get one for mine!

Hello Lindello said...

I love that terrarium!

Winklepots said...

Wow! Really amazing finds! Fabulous talent, newbies. :o) Great idea, Amy.