Friday, January 30

Season of Love

Camille and Owly from skunkboycreatures

Thank you to everyone that had the chance to vote on Etsy's "Season of Love" poll! I was rosy in the cheeks from the amazing outpouring of support. Below is a little glimpse of the standings (there were 59 entries in total). Aren't those little owls adorable?!? SO deserving of the 1st place spot!

Have an incredible weekend and remember to smile :)


Brighton Early said...

Those little owl are DARLING! I think I missed this vote?!

Julia said...

I think your jewel would've been perfect! Those owls are REALLY cute, too!

Have a great weekend, hun!

cindy : quaint said...

they're very cute, but your shirley is so pretty.

Melissa said...

the little owls are soo cute.

sweetnessjewelry said...

Owls are cute, but I still think you should have won :)

Chris said...

Adorable owls! Just so sweet and cute :)

the b-line said... cute. But I voted for you!