Thursday, January 22

Peach Picks: Nessie

I Love Cryptozoology from BarrelOfMonkeys

I was pleasantly surprised by the response on "The Savages" post, that I couldn't resist doing a Peach Picks on it! The favorite creature came out to be the cute little green Loch Ness Monster.

The following is a tribute to Nessie :) Dear sweet, deep dwelling Nessie!

Nessie Cloche from bayandleague

Nathan Loch Ness from nimoy

4 oz soap NESSIE from EncantadoSoap

Underwater Scene Loch Ness Monster Mini-Sculpture from PearsonMaron

PATTERN - Loch Ness Monster from hansigurumi


Sara said...

Oh my gosh, this stuff is just adorable! I love the little hat.

Brighton Early said...

such cute finds! :)

Julia said...

These have me in stitches *ha* :)

Great picks hun!