Thursday, January 15

Peach Picks: I'm a little teapot

(Teapot from JordanTaylorPottery)

This weeks inspiration for Picks came from the great, all powerful Kristal from Kikrak's blog post on "My Favorite Things".

And I totally agree :) One of my absolute favorite things in life is sitting down with a steam lofting cup of tea. My most resent guilty pleasure is Revolution tea's Earl Grey Lavender. Mmmmm.

Vintage Corning Ware Percolater Carafe from dragonscaleminis

Teapot from ricochetstudio

Vintage Stacking Teapot from sweetrice

teapot from eherring714

Teapot with Veggie Graphics from UncommonEye

Vintage Tea Pot from thebrownsweater

Now pop on your slippers, pull on that afghan, grab a cup and a book and get to it!


Joie de vivre said...

That is a cute collection of teapots. I think I'll brew myself up a pot right now!

Waterrose said...

I won't tell you which two of those teapots I also own. I love the first one. I know it's pottery, but it looks like paper mache.

knitsational said...

I just love teapots! These great!

Julia said...

Most excellent idea, darling! :)

Jaimee said...

Ah, the Grandmother had that Corningware Carafe.

the rikrak studio said...

oh i love it! thanks for the lovely nod, peachtree! :) you're a sweetie! and the corningware carafe was a family fave when i was little! so wonderful! and the final pot is just like the one i have of my grandma's! fabulous!

esta sketch said...

ooh, i love the corningware carafe! my mother has some mixing bowls and a casserole dish in the same design - i just love those little blue flowers on white.