Thursday, January 8

Peach Picks: Comfort

British Antique Pillow from desirapesta

I don't know about you, but after all of the holiday craziness, all I want is to lay back with a book and a cup of tea and just be for a while. And what better way to feel soothed and relaxed, than lying back in a pile of gorgeously handmade throw pillows :)

Geometric Grid Needlepoint Pillow from PeacockEnvy

Motorcycle Linen Throw PIllow Cover from branchhandmade

THE WREN hand printed throw pillow from SweetAnnieJeanne

Urban Throw Pillow from NestaHome

Forest Fire Pillow from norajane

the black circles pillow from thelittlestitch

cupcakes (cushion cover) from artish

Let the relaxation begin!


Michelle Brunner said...

Gorgeous! Great picks!

Cheryl said...

I get dizzy looking at these because they're all so great and I don't know which I like better and can never decide on a favorite "style/color"! I'm utterly hopeless at decorating... ;)

blazedanielle said...

So fun!! I love all of your pics, especially the tree one! I need to go pillow shopping!! :)

Mrs.French said...

this really is such a dangerous post for me...I have a nasty addiction to throw pillow...I am actually thinking I need to purchase an extra sofa or a few chairs just to house them...not to mention, your choices are exquisite. xo t

picciolo said...

great choices, I love them all!
: )

Stacey said...

I love love love the cupcakes cushion cover, so sweet and it looks soft.

fringe said...

i'll take one of each, please :). i'd like one for each sitting or lounging spot in my home.

each one is special in its very own way. they're all fabulous!

PeacockEnvy said...

Thanks for showing our pillow! I stumbled upon your blog & it made my day =)

dianem said...

I love all the pillows esp the black and white one.

Sarah Von said...

Why does that last pillow appeal to me SO HARD? It looks like a sweater my mum would wear and yet! I love it.

f2images said...

Wow, really love the pillow from Desirapesta and Artish. Can one really have too many pillows?!