Sunday, February 1

*FEATURED ARTIST of the week* ~~StaceyWinters~~

Stacey Winters

1. What is your craft?

My craft is mainly photography, although I also work with paper and knit a little.

2. What led you to take it up?

I have always been the "family photographer" growing up and after teaching elementary school for several years I decided to become a people photographer, then my mom suggested photographing some of her vintage items while I was starting up my business, which led me to Etsy.

3. Which part of your work do you most enjoy?

I enjoy the actual setting up and taking of the shot the most.

4. Which part do you find hardest?

The hardest part is promoting myself and not getting discouraged if I haven't sold something in a long while.

5. Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from items of the past, nature, and books.

6. Do you participate in any etsy groups, and if so, which ones?

I joined the Photographers of Etsy (POE) although I have not formally done anything as a member of the group.

7. What's one material your shop can't live without?

My shop could not live without my Canon 5D camera and the macro lens.

8. What is your favorite item that you have purchased off of Etsy?

I purchase many things from Etsy, one of my favorites is this fabric bucket from jezze, I got one for myself, mom, and sisters at Christmas and it is perfect for holding a knitting project and looks beautiful anywhere you put it.

here is a picture of it on my blog

9. If I could sell one item from my shop today, it would be...

The Freckle in Winter limited edition print,

he is so cute and I am excited about the other seasonal ones coming out later this year.

10. If I had enough money to pick one item on my wish list from any shop on etsy to buy, it would be...

I would love to get this corduroy jumper from Makool, something I would need to save up for.

11. What are the top three favorite items currently listed in your store?

The top three items listed in my store are 3 cards featuring deer silhouettes saying, smitten with you, hugs + kisses, and secretly admiring you.

12. What undiscovered artisans would you recommend the world to know?

I love cutcopycreate's photography on Etsy, she is an art student and experiments with different types of photography, I especially like her urban street style.

13. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Some of the best advice I got about photography was to set up your shot then take a step forward,

I have used that with the vintage items, animals and people photography, I think it brings the subject even closer to the viewer in a personal way.


Jennie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this artist! I LOVE her work!

the b-line said...

Oh deer! So cute. Thanks for introducing me to Stacey. Her work is great!

f2images said...

Such sweet imagery. Love the vintage feel coupled with the craftiness of her work. Thanks for sharing!

Art Kitten said...

great interview, I love her photography, it has such a dreamy quality.

Paper Lady Invites said...

I love Stacey's stuff! Great to learn a little more about her.


Cut Copy Create said...

Stacey's work is gorgeous!

great blog signed up :)

Julia said...

I loved this interview :) Her images are darling!

bananaicecream said...

Those note cards are to die for!