Monday, January 12

A Byrd stole my Heart

Upcycled Fingerlss Gloves

I think some of you may share a similar love for the Little Byrd blog. I just happen to do a search (as my wondering had me worried about the updates shortage) and it's gone! I will forerever miss RD's imagery and amazing knack for story telling BUT she leaves behind, two equally breathtaking etsy shops :)

Matte White Bowl

Littlebyrdortmund is a refreshingly old school feeling mix of handmade. And Littlebyrdvintage a collection of incredible vintage finds.

Flower Clutch

Swan Planter


Lizzy said...

Sad day. But great items!

Leanne said...

Over New Year's, I chatted about this with Alyssa + Vana. :)
She's here:

Both Etsy shops are lovely!

Leanne said...

P.S.- I mentioned your little 'Frankly, Scarlet' earrings last week. They're so cute! {Thanks}.

AsianCajuns said...

Oh I love that clutch! Lovely blog, too!

Julia said...

I noticed the same thing, but I want to say she's still out there, she's just gotta be! Her photographs are fantastic, though, aren't they?

f2images said...

What great shops I've never heard of until now! I may have to snatch up some of those fingerless gloves/mittens!!!

The Lil Bee said...

I gasped when I went to her blog and it was gone! But, like Leanne said, you can still catch her at her littlebyrdvintage spot. She has such a knack for finding beautiful pieces, and the things she makes are something you'd find out of Anthropologie. She actually just gave away a pair of those fingerless gloves to a lucky girl on my blog. Love em!