Wednesday, December 3

Victory is Sweet

A little while back I won a contest over at Barefoot Mommy. I was absolutely thrilled as I had admired this gals work for some time :) Here's a little bit about her from her profile over at SweetnessJewelry:

"Hi, I'm Kelly and I am 12 years old. I am going into 7th grade. I'm a very creative person and I love to make jewelry. My two aunts and my mom are helping me with everything.
My sister comes up with all of the names for my jewelry. I have two puggles (beagle and pug mix) that I love to death. Thanks for looking!"

YEAH, that says 12 YEARS OLD! If only I had the heart and dedication this young lady has at the age! Could you imagine?? This necklace and earrings (Named "Just Peachy" by the way) came beautifully packaged with a sweet handwritten note that is now on my refrigerator.

Head on over to her shop. I DARE ya to come out empty handed!!


sweetnessjewelry said...

Amy your the best! Thanks!
I am glad you like your necklace and your earrings! Thanks again!

Love You,
Kelly ♥

amy said...

no way! those are some stunning earrings!

Kyle said...

so sweet! really talented!

Elizabeth said...

A 12 year old?! Wow, that is one talented little lady. What a wonderful treat.

missknits said...

congrats on the win and what a beautiful shop!

f2images said...

Kelly is amazing! She sounds like such a well adjusted young girl, who's talent will take her far. Her aunts are talented too!! Her work is beyond her years. ;)

lillyella, uniquely you said...

yay! congrats on winning and keep up the good work kelly!