Wednesday, December 17

EFA team store CLOSING!!

SALE Copper Colored Reindeer Necklace by theclaypony from etsyforanimals

That's right! The Etsy for Animals Team store is on its way out :(

So it's our last chance to get over there and have ALL of the money for your purchase go straight to helping animals. The entire shop is knocked down to 50% off PLUS free shipping storewide.

SALE - Pit Bull Puppy with Chinese Kiss and Flowers by mousykat from etsyforanimals

I say we get in there and clean them out!!

Meow, Tweet, Sniff, Splash and Woof,

SALE - Iceberg Vegan Kids Hat by lanahandknitting from etsyforanimals

SALE - 14kt Goldfilled Wire Art Earrings by jonikay52 from etsyforanimals

SALE OX POWER by bluecicada from etsyforanimals


Lizzy said...

Good idea! I could get some last minute Christmas gifts there...

mvegan said...

Thanks for supporting the animals with EFA ! ;0) We will continue to be a great team helping the animals!

wunderbug said...

i'm sorry to hear that the EFA shop is closing - i hope you guys are able to make a good amount of cash before it's all wrapped up!

Julia said...

Always so sad to hear! Great post on all it's goodies though!

PS. you're in my friday favorites, babe!