Wednesday, November 26

I Want These

Autumn's Color from photosnap939

Sometimes we all deserve to be a little selfish :)

So this is my selfish post!

2009 silkscreened Calendar from estasketch

watercolor tumbler from maryeverett

Crocheted Face Cloths from MyissaG

pale blue VINTAGE -eyelet- blouse from thevintagecloset


cindy : quaint said...

these are lovely choices - love the calendar and blouse.

Julia said...

Yes, yes we do :) This selfish post of yours is breathtaking! I want that calendar too :)


Leanne said...

Yes, we all deserve to be a little selfish sometimes. All of these items have a nice, fall, earthy tone.

Happy Thanksgiving.

esta sketch said...

such beautiful picks! thanks so much for thinking of my calendar, selfishly or not :)

f2images said...

It is import to be selfish sometimes!! Beautiful picks, I really have to get some of those face cloths!! Also really love the tumblers....classic lines and colors.

Melissa said...

Aww! Great picks. I love the Calander. :) And thank you so much Amy.