Tuesday, November 18

Holiday Clean

Brown Butter Soap

Can you believe it's fastly inching its way into the holiday season? Black Friday will be here before we know it! And frankly, we're all a little hurting in the wallet department. So what's a great, cost effective, personalized, handmade gift for everyone on your shopping list (besides jewelry, *cough* *choke* *eheh*) ??


Who saw that one coming, raise your hands?? But seriously, isn't it just perfect? There's an insane amount of soap making talent on Etsy and even more who are offering deals for the season. So get in there and check a few people off of your Santa list :)






lillyella, uniquely you said...

are you sayin' I need a shower or sumpin?!

Art Kitten said...

All of those soaps are so gorgeous too!

A few years ago we made homemade soap for everyone for Christmas, we packaged them up in some nice fabric (which you could get from any number of sellers on Etsy, or use scraps you have lying around your house) and sent homemade cookies as well (Whimsy and Spice cookies would be perfect!) and then put them in a cute basket. They were a hit! There are so many ways that you can support Etsy artists over Christmas, you can even add a pretty pair of earrings to the basket or a pretty handmade journal (wink wink) :)

ThePeachTree said...

You found us out Nicole! This is actually an intervention.... You STINK, girl!!

Fifi Flowers said...

BEAUTIFUL soaps... some of them look good enough to eat!

Leanne said...

jewelry... good plug! :)

Some of those soap pieces look too pretty to use. Though it is a practical gift!

Leanne said...

P.S.- Have you ever heard of the Enterprising Kitchen?

Julia said...

Holy moly! What a clever idea, darling! I think I'm asking for lots of soap and jewelry *cough* *cough* from Santa!

wunderbug said...

i LOVE handmade soap - especially the ones that look all rustic and crumbly (like in the first photo)!

Vana said...

who makes such pretty soap anyways? I think i need one of each, and more jewelry:)

picciolo said...

I love all the colours, you can almost smell them!
: )

f2images said...

Lol.....Nicole, no one wants a stinky bride!! I'm just teasing. What a great idea. Soaps are like little affordable luxuries. And these picks are so beautiful to boot!

sherrieg said...

Thanks so much for the mention, and for sharing all of the other gorgeous soaps, too! :)