Monday, November 10

Buildings of Odd

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We took a walk a few months ago, along the West Side of Manhattan on the riverside. We started around 96th street and ended all the way down on Spring St. It's an amazing way to see the city :) Being that close to the skyline, you also see buildings you may have otherwise overlooked! One of which was this large white Oddity of Frank Gehry's. It made me wonder what else he's had his hand in creating! The following is just that. Ah... crafty architecture and a few jewelry pieces as well!!

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f2images said...

I love Frank Gehry's work. His innovation and imagination appear to have no bounds. I long to create and inspire others in such a way. Thank you for sharing these images.

the b-line said...

Wow, Amy! You've snagged some amazing shots here. What a story! These buildings and pieces certainly do mess with my sense of equilibrium!

Mrs.French said...

amazing and genius in everyway...xo t

Waterrose said...

What cool architecture!

picciolo said...

amazing finds peachtree, those buildings are amazing and I love the watch. Saw your treasury on the front page of etsy yesterday!
: )

Arctida said...

OMG Amy! Those shots are absolutely amazing!

eNVe said...

wow, amazing!!! what would the world do without the genius and creativity of people?

Leanne said...

An architecture post- sweet! My husband and I met in architecture school. Frank Gehry designed the Pritzker bandshell in Millennium Park in Chicago.

I like that watch!

Valerie said...

he also designed the Peter B. Lewis building in Cleveland (where we had the tragedy awhile back) but nonetheless it's a pretty stunning building.

Check it out:

His work does have some of the most interesting lines.