Monday, October 27

So Long Billy!

On the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

We've had the pleasure of hosting little Billy McDollar last week. We had been waiting with glee for some time, when our day finally came! He arrived in a 9x5 box with his suitcase, journal, disposable camera and a gift for us: A florida key chain with a twirling $100 bill :)

The cats took to him immediately, giving him the royal sniff down. I gave him a seat nearest the window to get him acclimated to brooklyn at large.

The following is a picture journey of our week with Billy.

**Scroll to the end to find out how you can enter to win all the goodies Billy has picked up along his journey across the country!!**

Billy making friends with the FDNY

Billy being a daredevil

Billy takes the bus!

Billy visits the former home of Truman Capote

Hot chocolate and Jacque Torres

Billy at the Fulton Ferry State Park

Billy scooting through DUMBO

Find out more about Billy at his blog, Travel with Billy. You can enter there for a chance to win his findings from the U.S.!!


cindy : quaint said...

your photos area terrific! i especially love billy with the firemen and on the bus. it looks like a lot of fun.

f2images said...

That is hillarious. Billy is quite the adventurer!! ;)

Alyssa said...

That is too funny:) I enjoyed the photos!

the b-line said...

How fun! Bon voyage, Billy!

Jersey Girl in DC said...

This is so great! I love that the firefighters posed with Billy for a pic! :)

vana chupp said...

Have you seen the movie Amelie? This reminds me of that movie:) Cute pictures.